Can i get invisalign on my top teeth and damon braces on bottom?

Q. I was wondering if it was at all possible to get invisalign braces on the top part of my teeth while I have damon braces on the bottom row. Since my top row is not as serious as my bottom, I would prefer invisable braces on my top. Is it possible to have those 2 at the same time? Thanks

It really depends on the current situation of your teeth. Ideally, we do not  combine different techniques at the same time.

Why would not you like to have Invisalign on your lower teeth as well? Especially ,if the price is the same for single and dual arch treatment.

If you had a consultation and the dentist did not recommend  lower Invisalign  treatment , that is another issue.

Provided you will  have the lower Damon appliance first, I would wait and finish it then have the Invisalign.  If your bite would not make it possible to have the treatments separately I would have Damon Braces on both arches.

The best would be to book an appointment with a dentist and check  your options 

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