I have accidentally thrown away several Invisalign aligners, can I have them replaced?

I threw away four upper trays while doing a spring clean. Oops!  was about a year and a half ago. Still have pkg with bar code on them. Problem is I do not want to deal with original Dr. as she has lost her license for a period of time since my original pesrscription. I have an appointment with my current dentist for a consultation. Can he reorder the lost trays and then request subsequent trays from Invisiligns old data. I do not have my molds either. God Bless!
Hi there! It sounds you did a good spring cleaning indeed! Since you finished the treatment a year and a half ago, you should be wearing retainers since. Unfortunately, it would be very difficult for your new dentist to access your previous Invisalign data as your previous dentist needs to sign a transfer and release form. Also after all this time Invisalign would still have needed more recent records to produce new aligners, and that would come at a cost. I do not see the need to have your old aligners re-made, as you should not need them if you are as you should wearing retainers. Hope that helps, Vasileia.
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