Should I have my wisdom teeth taken out before Invisalign treatment?

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my wisdom teeth have started to come through and they are pushing my front teeth together, to a point where they look like they are going to overlap. I obviously don’t want this to happen, so I was just wondered what my course of action would be? Not all of the wisdom teeth have come through, so should I wait until they do? and should I have the wisdom teeth that have come through taken out before I have my invisalign braces? thank you

There was a large study in Northern Ireland a few years ago that wisdom teeth don’t cause front teeth crowding but this is more due to growth changes. If your wisdom teeth are coming through and they are correctly orientated (parallel to the tooth in front) and there is enough space they can be left, else they should be removed for the health of the adjacent teeth.
I would suggest an appointment with you dentist and a round-the-head x-ray (known as an OPG) can assess this.
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