Should I worry that I get a sore throat when wearing aligners?

Q. I just started invisalign treatment and have only one problem to note. When I am wearing my aligners I get an annoying throat irritation, simialr to that when you have a sore throat. I think this must be caused by the aligners as it goes away when I take them out. Have any other patients reported such problems, and do you have any advice as to what I can do to prevent it?
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The aligner can be smoothed if it causes mild irritation on the gum. However it is very rare. You might want to see you dentist .

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  • kat asher says:

    Hi, I just read your comment about the invisalign and throat sore. I know you posted it back in 2009 though yours is the only mention of anything remotely similar to what I’m experiencing that could maybe answer some questions for me. I have been on the treatment now for 4 months and besides from some earache which I;m told is normal and the fact I’ve started clenching my teeth, causing neckache and headaches, I’ve started getting this ache in my throat that feels really strange. Perhaps the most concerning of all the symptoms as not sure they’re all related. It feels like someone has hit me in my windpipe and i keep getting this wave of pain though its not like a normal sore throat pain and it feels as if my throat is swelling. Then it goes away. Its making me quite paranoid. Doctors have done checks and cant see anything and all say ears and throat related pain with dental repair work is normal though really would like some feedback about this. Please help.

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