What retainers would you recommend I use following the completion of my Invisalign treatment?


I you were to personally choose between the types of retainers after invisalign treatment what would you go for doctor? Fixed or removable? I am soon to complete my invisalign treatment and obviosuly don’t want to lose all that hard work, but am just a bit confused about the best retainer. Do you have a retainer-or which retainer do you see the best stability with, with your patients?

thank you doctor

Hi there! Unfortunately we cannot recommend one type of retainer over another. It depends on the movement that your teeth performed in order to be aligned. For example, if you had arch expansion, treatment of an open bite or canine rotation, then a removable retainer would be best as it covers all of your teeth. If you only had alignment and the canine teeth had a stable position before your orthodontic treatment, then a fixed retainer is better as it stays fixed on your teeth 24/7. Ask your dentist what they recommend for your case and stick to it, as lack of retention will cause relapse of your teeth in the future. Hope that helps! Best Regards, Vasileia.
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